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The Industrial Internet of Things offers enterprise the chance to create new value and improve it’s competitive edge. Components like sensors, wireless networks, interfaces, control systems and enterprise software are readily available, but some major challenges remain. It’s one thing to connect a few devices, but it’s more difficult when there are thousands of them or they’re scattered across remote and impractical locations.

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Information shapes our world and is key to every aspect of business. Until now, the adoption of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology has been slow. Questions over power supply, installation, set-up, maintenance and the perceived risk of new technology have all been barriers for enterprise to buy. Nevertheless, enterprise wide access to critical information helps to control costs, reduce operational risk, provide customer centric services and open up new revenue opportunities.


Our services and pricing structure are designed to make it easy to unleash the full value of IIoT. We start off with a small number of devices to prove the concept, this includes any customisation that’s required. With no heavy, up-front investment, customers can implement huge numbers of devices in a framework that offsets costs with savings, right from the start. With no device maintenance, ’try before you buy’ and seamless integration into existing infrastructure, the concept is to minimise risk and maximise profit.

MeshHopper Suite

Sense - Track - Monitor - Analyse - Plan

Easy to install, set up and scale

Quickly up and running

Stick the device on and activate it through our NFC (Near Field Communication) label or via the Nexiot smartphone app. Our integration layer enables automatic setup and registry onto the platform, in the cloud or to any proprietary control system you want. Our unique swarm approach means nodes, sensors and actuators can be added or removed during runtime, for maximum flexibility and zero disruption. Most importantly, there is no special training required.

Power independent

Self reliant equipment

Our mission is to build power independent devices so we harvest energy adaptively from our surroundings. In addition, we’ve built in algorithms to keep the device in sleep mode until it needs to wake up for action. The result is our devices are self powered because our batteries stay charged indefinitely without the need to be manually charged or changed.

Local to Global

Extend the scope

We provide ultra long range information distribution from node to node, on license free ISM bands, to deliver endless connectivity for IoT and M2M. Our devices are multi hop enabled to suit low-infrastructure locations, bringing wide area coverage, to where there is no mobile infrastructure. Our integration layer is open to multiple network types, so whatever the scenario, we can select and use the most suitable option to compliment our existing 98% global land coverage for complete M2M communication.

Mission critical

Fulfil essential objectives

Data and events are backed up automatically to the cloud or any control system to protect your vital information. Data can be requested on demand from every node via the internet. In addition, our self-healing, dynamic routing makes the network adaptive to change and sets a new benchmark for super high survivability networks. Our hybrid nodes act as end-node, router and gateway, so even if connection to central logic is lost, operations will continue.

Secure and robust

Protected and resilient

We know how critical data security is to the business. HTTPS, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), and MAC filtering provide the best security standards for our wireless sensor networks. Paired with tough housings and specially sealed electronics, our devices are therefore made for heavy duty settings and the hardest industrial environments.

Integration and Customisation

For a harmonious fit

Our customers have been using their preferred Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for years. We adapt our technology to work with the existing infrastructure. This means no additional employee training or software costs. Our engineering strength means we can develop and adapt our products to fulfil all kinds of extra requirements and tasks. Feel free to contact us to discuss your unusual cases.

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